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Sealant treatment teeth in Muscat,Oman
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Sealant treatment

A special liquid applied on the teeth to protect it from cavities.

Pain less procedure

Done in 5 min.

Very effective in preventing cavities .

Recommended to be done as soon as the back teeth erupt.

The back teeth or molars have more incidence of cavities as food tends to get lodged on these teeth because of it shape.

The small fissures in teeth help in keeping the food lodged for long period of time ,these areas then start cavities.

So in tooth sealant procedure we clean the teeth and apply as special sealant which seals these fissures .

Once the fissures are sealed food does not stay on the teeth and help avoid cavities on theses areas.

We highly recommend sealant treatment to all children to avoid cavities ,pain and all costly treatment in the future.

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